Plushie Mod

This Mod adds plushies to the game!

What is the Plushie Mod?

The Plushie Mod adds craftable Plushies to the game, which are based on Minecraft entities!

They can be collected and decorate your Minecraft base!

The Camel Plushie

The Camel Plushie

A detailed Camel Plushie!

The Shulker Plushie

80+ Plushies

Almost all Minecraft Mobs!


- Does this mod require other mods to work?

-> Yes, the Fabric API is required, if you use the Fabric Modloader!

-> For v1.3 and upwards, you'll also need the Architectury API

- Will there be more plushies?

-> Yes! Even though the list isn't very long anymore, there still are a few missing plushies and features!

- Where can I report bugs or request new features?

-> If you find any bugs or want a new feature, please take a look at the GitHub!

- Can I participate?

-> Yes! We are always searching for someone helping us translate the mod into more languages

For more information, take a look at this Gist!