This Mod adds flying whales to the game!

What is Whalestrom?

Whalestrom is a Minecraft Mod for Fabric, which adds flying whales called "Norhval"!

These creatures can be tamed and ridden to explore the surroundings.

The Norhval

The Norhval

A majestic flying whale roaming the skies of the plains!

The Artifact of Levitation

The Artifact of Levitation

This exquisite Artifact can be dropped by the Norhval and it grants its user levitation!


- Does this mod require other mods to work?

-> Yes, the Fabric API is required!

- Will you port it to forge?

-> No Forge Ports are planned at the moment!

- Will you release it on Curseforge?

-> Yes, once it is out of Beta!

- Will there be more features?

-> Yes! This mod is far from finished and still in the Beta Phase!

- Where can I report bugs?

-> If you find any, please report them on GitHub!